String Quartet 21


Moving Drones: Begin by using moving drones in held whole notes, using a whole bow for each new pitch. Continue moving drones for several rotations around the quartet.

Follow-the-Leader: Player 1 begins to lead a rotation of follow-the-leader. Each player eneters in turn, imitating articulation, style, rhythm, dynamics, and bow strokes of player 1, but improvising their own notes. Continue follow-the-leader for several rotations around the group.

Cross-Imitation: To cue cross-imitation, player 2 breaks away from player 1 with a contrasting rhythm and articulation, which is still in sync with player 1. Player 3 now imitates player 1, while player 4 imitates player 2.

Follow-the-Leader: To cue this section, player 2 brings back the follow-the-leader sequence by once again imitating, rather than contrasting player 1.

Moving Drones: Player 1 ends the piece by returning to moving drones. Each player follows for a few rotations, ending with a return to tonic or a note from the tonic chord.